While HyperTerminal was useful for initial testing, it does have its limitations. For example, the DRD (Device Read Data) command always sends data in binary format. Because of this, the data isn't visible in HyperTerminal.

Below are some test programs that I wrote. They are DOS programs, written in Borland Pascal 7. Source code is included.


Screenshot of VDIPTest This program sends the same commands that I used in HyperTerminal. After that, it uses DRD commands to read the USB gamepad buttons, and displays data in ASCII format.


Screenshot of VDIPTSR.ini This program is a TSR that reads the USB Gamepad buttons, then sends keystrokes as defined in VDIPTSR.ini. The sample .ini file is for a Logitech Precison Gamepad, connected to a VDIP module on COM1. The button entries contain the button data (that it expects to receive from the Gamepad), a comma, then the keyboard scan code.


Screenshot of VDIPTSR.ini This program displays the scan codes for each key that's pressed. In the example, on the left, I pressed the keys:
A B C D E F G.


Last Update: 8-23-2008