Project Requirements

I started with a basic set of goals:

  1. It must be reliable. My old CD changer never crashed on me. If the player doesn't work reliably, there's no point in having it.

  2. It must boot in a reasonable amount of time. My CD changer didn't take all day, this thing shouldn't either.

  3. It must be able provide CD quality sound.

  4. There must be a simple way to control it. I could operate my CD changer without too much trouble. This setup should also be easy to use.

  5. It must be able to hold my entire CD collection. In addition it must also have enough storage capacity to store all of my out-of-print and hard to find CDs in a lossless (or uncompressed) format. That way if one of these CDs gets lost, scratched or stolen, it can be brought back without generation loss.

  6. There must be a straight-forward way to add new tracks/CDs.

  7. It must have Disc/Title/Track naming capabilities.

  8. It must be able to play any MP3's that I choose to download.

Last Update: 11-14-2006