My Virtual CD Changer Project, V2

This is a computer-based music player, for my car, that will replace the one that I built back in 2001. I started the original car-computer project, back in 2001, for three reasons:

Instead of using a stand-alone MP3 player, I like to use a computer. This allows me to get around the storage limitations of stand-alone music players and gives me the ability to pick the features I want.

Computer technology has come a long way since 2001. At the time, 80GB hard drives cost $300. Laptop drives topped out at 30GB and cost even more money. Mini-ITX motherboards weren't available yet, and embedded/industrial motherboards were extemely expensive. Because of these limitations certain compromises had to be made. While a number of trade-offs will always exist, newer technology has a way of making the process a little bit easier.

Last Update: 6-13-2009