Started by Scott Bradshaw, February 11, 2004, 01:57:31 PM

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Scott Bradshaw

Wow, its hard to believe that someone took my source and did something with it. Nice job. I tried to find your email address to e-mail you, but didnt have such luck.




It's good to hear from you.  It seemed to a shame to let MPXF fade away, considering the extensive hardware support and features that it has.  Feel free to post here and/or email me with any suggestions/comments that you have.

My email address:" alt="Email">


I could not find your email to send you some feedback as well. It's great to see that MPXf has seen another life! I still can't find anything that beats this software combo for use in my car. I just happened across your updated version and have been using it for a couple months. You have a few interesting config lines in the scripts that took me a bit to reconfigure to get it back to where I left off with mpxf 13. But after that my system was right back and brimming with new life! Anyhow THANK YOU for all your work at porting this code over. Going to add a couple new threads to you messege base with a few things I have found so far, hopefuly your message board will pick up as more people find your updated version.  Again thanks for all the work!



I appreciate the feedback.  I wanted to be reasonably sure that no serious problems were introduced in Beta 1 before going forward.  Sure I do some testing, but running MPXF/MPXT in a DOS box on my desktop computer, using an emulated LCD display isn't nearly as good of a test as running it in one's car for a couple of months.

In Beta 1 there were a number of changes to the tsr's config file.  Some were necessary because of the display layout changes in post 1.42 versions of MPXPlay, some were added features, and there were a few entries added so that there would be less screen-position-related things hardcoded into the tsr.  The rest of the config files aren't that much different than the ones in MPXF 1.4  I don't think the config files will get changed too much in beta 2, except for a few changes to some of the default settings.

I'm kind of busy with other projects at the moment, but should be able to find some time in the next week or two to work on Beta 2.

Tentative Plans for Beta 2:
* Fix the "Runtime Error 202" bug in the tsr
* Add support for Flac files in the frontend
* Update some of the default settings in the config files, especially the ones that Saridnour mentioned
* Find and fix the eq bug that Saridnour reported


MpXT 1.49 Beta 2 is ready to go.  Took a bit more work than I thought it would, but I did manage to get the "Runtime Error 202 / Stack Overflow" bug in the TSR fixed.  Basically this means that the STACKS=18,512 work-around is no longer necessary.  Changed the Spectrum Analyzer/Eq so that it looks more like the one that was in MPXF.  Not sure if this will fix the issue that Saridnour mentioned, I guess time will tell.  Flac support and updated settings in the mpxt.cfg file were added, as well.


this already solves to the  error before the very good program I hope that you continue developing it to thanks Carlos


Good news.. an update" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

I'll have to pull it down and mess with it over the weekend. I'l post back my findings. Looing forward to the update" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>



I´m running MPXT with a 20x4 LCD HD44780. Display is working fine with main menue of MPXT and MPXPLAY. Although the main menue of MPXT only shows two lines on the LCD. But when I switch to the tsr the LCD Output is strange. The startup logo is fine, but when it starts playing mp3 files the visible informations in the LCD lines are running too fast - much too fast.

Any idea?



"Although the main menue of MPXT only shows two lines on the LCD."

Ok, I managed this so far. But the rest...



Try increasing the ScrollDelay value in mpxttsr.cfg



Yeah - works fine and looks great!



Hi! I have a 4x20 HD44780 LCD.  
My problems are:

- Menu is shown only in the first 2 lines, eventhough I have set the LCD to 4x40

- after choosing anything from menu (mpxplay loads) there is nothing on the LCD no matter what I play, choose or do in Mpxplay

in fact, I would need 4 things in the menu

1. play audio cd
2. play the whole MP3 CD (songs one by one)
3. play the whole MP3 CD (random)
4. browse the mp3 cd

I think, I can change the menu to look similar,
but I really do not know what to do after mpxplay is called, as I have nothing on the LCD from that on.

THank you for your time in advance.




I have set the lcd 4x20 and NOT 4x40 of course


After dealing with this nice prog for another hour, I managed to have 4x20 characters, in fact, it was my fault, I did not notice that by default it was set to 4x40 (not very common LCD though)

However, I still have one question

on each new screen, there are some undefinable characters, usually one or two, randomly, but mostly at the beginning or at the end of a line.

I have tried to adjust the delays, a tried a wide scale of the settings but nothing really helped.  

What shall I do to make these annoying characters disappear?  
It is a pain in the back especially when you have a line full of info, and than one character of the info shares its place with this rubbish, and finally you can not read that character.

Thank you!



Mpxttsr.exe takes care of the lcd display while MPXPlay is running.  Run it once, before doing anything else.  It'll stay in memory until the computer is shutdown/rebooted.

Since I don't own a parallel port lcd, I have no way of testing the parallel port routines.  Basically, the parallel port lcd functions are the same as they were back in the MPXF days.

If you want, you could try setting controldelay and portdelay to the maximum value, 65535.

I took a quick look at lptlcd.pas.  The two delay functions are simple busy-loops.  Because of this, a delay value of 65535 still might not be enough on faster processors.  I'll need to fix this in the next beta.

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