Some problems with mpxplayer

Started by coke, May 30, 2005, 08:27:15 AM

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I have a Soundcard from Creative  Labs. It's a Sound Blaster CT4170.

I have installed the MP3Player like on" target="_blank"> described.
It is based on mpxplay.
But i have no Display.
I can select none of it, because the program runs on and on.
When I boot up and the programm loads I get not 3 possibilities as normal.
I get 7.
It runs in an endless loop and selects every time by itself one of the 7 possibilities.

mpxplay-sct says: Warning: Couldn't initialize port control (UIR on COM1)! Autodetecting/testing sound card (s), please wait... No Soundkart found! (use-t if you want to see something) Soundkart init failed.

And when I use -t and play a file the cpu is at 99% using.

Can somebody say to me what is here the mistake and perhaps help me?


Try the following:
Go into the BIOS setup and make sure "Plug and Play OS" is set to "No"

MPXPlay can talk directly to the card, but some computers' bioses don't configure the card proprerly.  If setting "Plug and Play OS" to "No" doesn't help, you'll need to download/install the DOS drivers for the card.

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