MpXT - Frontend for MPXPlay

This page is the home for MpXT. MpXT is based on the MPXF source code, which was released to the public on Dec 25, 2000.


25th December 2000 - [12am]

Merry Christmas!

During the last 2 years, several people have emailed me asking me about source code, and sample source code for LCD output. Well... HERE is the MPXF Source code. Since I have stopped working on the project, I feel its best to let everyone play around with the source code. I hope you all can make your own minor tweaks to it, and perhaps fix any bugs that I never got around to doing. Maybe you all can get together and port it to C++ or something. I hope you can follow the code, I know some of it is a bit complex, and I didn't do the best job in places on documenting. Hope you all enjoy it! Also, please don't email me regarding questions in the source, because I probably won't reply since I don't have time. Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season!

Also, if you want to know what I'm working on now, its an Open Source Web-based Groupware system.

While MPXF hasn't been updated in a number of years, MPXPlay has continued on, adding various features along the way. Soon after development on MPXF stopped, MPXPlay's user interface got a major facelift. As a result, MPXF is incompatible with MPXPlay 1.43 and later. MPXF users had two choices: keep using MPXF with the old 1.42 version of MPXPlay, or abandon MPXF altogether. MpXT is being developed as a derivative work, in an effort to bring the old MPXF source up to date.

New in V1.49 Beta 1:

New in V1.49 Beta 2:


Last Update: 12-30-2006