Power Station Battery Upgrade
[Schumacher SJ1332 power station]

Power stations like this Schumacher SJ1332 are for more than just emergencies. While you can use one to jumpstart a car, you can also power small 120V AC and 12V DC electrical loads. I like to bring mine along camping and use it to charge cell phones and run a string of Christmas lights.


Years ago I purchased a power station similar to this one. More recently, I bought another one. To my surprise, the new power station would only get me through one night of camping, instead of two. Sure enough, they switched over to a smaller / cheaper battery.

[Schumacher SJ1332 battery compartment]

You can see it when you remove the door that covers the battery compartment. To remove the door, there's 6 screws, two screws at the bottom corners, where the soft plastic is, as well as one screw coming up from the bottom. Here, they cheaped out by taking a smaller 12ah battery, installed it sideways, then glued in a block of foam to take up the extra space. Knowing that these originally took a 20ah battery, I went ahead and ordered one. The part number, that, I used is PB-S00013-00000 from Chrome Battery. Batteries from other vendors will probably work the same. It needs to be sealed, needs to have similar dimensions, and needs to have T3 terminals.


To take it the rest of the way apart, there's a number of screws that need to be removed.

[Screw holes on the back]

There's also a white connector that needs to be disconnected from the circuit board. After removing the connector I laid the back cover off to the side.

[White connector]

The part with the gray motor and purple wire is the tire pump assembly. It likes to fall down, from time to time. There isn't anything to hold it in place when the back cover is removed.

[Back cover laying off to the side]

With the back cover out of the way, the next task is to remove the battery cables from the copper brackets.

[Back cover removed]

With the battery cables removed, the battery slides right out the back.

[Battery cables removed]

With the battery out of the way, it's time to remove the foam.

[Installing the replacement battery]


The replacement battery fits just fine. Since the battery is sealed, it's ok to have it laying on its side. In fact, that's how they used to be in older/similar versions of this power station.

[Battery installed]

The battery cables fit without having to make any changes to them.

[Battery cables reattached]

From there, it's just a matter of putting everyting back together. I didn't have to make any changes to the cover in order to get it to fit.

[Power station put back together]

Last Update: 5-29-2024