Old Projects

There comes a time when projects become so old that they're not even useful for me anymore. This is the final resting place for them.

Car Computer V1

After purchasing my first PC, I thought to myself: If only hard drives were bigger, I could store all of my music on computer. If hard drives could survive riding in the car, that would be even better. Then I could have my entire music collection with me, when I leave home. The answer ended up being "yes to both" a few years later. This is the first car computer project, that I started back in late 2001.

Car Computer V2

This was my second car computer project. This was a Mini-ITX based system. Like the first system, this one was DOS-based. Getting the USB gamepad to work was an uphill battle. I didn't really find a reliable solution for that until about 2018. Three years later, when it came time to retire car, I retired the computer, too. By then the computer was starting to get unstable. I ended up going without a car computer for over two years, till I finally got around to putting together a new system.

DOS USB Gamepad

This was a sub-project that provided a means for Car Computer V2 to reliablly read a USB gamepad, from DOS, using a serial port.

GPSim Software

This was a program written to simulate the USB gamepad / Hobbytronics board combo. This was rendered obsolete after I returned Car Computer V2.

UPS Battery

I had Minuteman Pro700LCD that had a battery that was so swollen up that I had to take the entire thing apart. This was a writeup on how to disassemble the case. Since then I went through two replacement batteries in short order. I finally just gave up on the thing and replaced it with one that's a different brand / model.

Last Update: 5-28-2024